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Dawn Botanical Perfume - Adriatic (Limited Edt)

Inspired by a spring vacation to the Adriatic (pre-Covid), this limited edition release is blended with locally-distilled Lavender & Cypress from Croatia. We purchased it directly from a tiny family owned grower on the island of Hvar, located along the sun-drenched Dalmatian Coast.

Lavender Budrovka, the main lavender varietal in this edition of the botanical perfume oil, is unique to Croatia. These uniquely sourced ingredients give an extra special touch to one of our most beloved scents, Dawn.

Dawn: An all-natural melange of calming Lavender Budrovka and wild Cypress from Croatia, organic bergapten-free Citrus from Italy, a hint of Neroli and uplifting notes of Peppermint.

Only 30 vials available, hand blended with the best raw materials. This scent elixir comes in a roll-on vial, which makes for easy on-the-go use - ready whenever you need a pick me up. 

  • 10ml each in volume- a deluxe version 
  • Scented with pure essential oils and botanicals
  • Blended in organic Jojoba and fractionated Coconut oils
  • Contained in glass with a glass rollerball applicator and a gold accented cap

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