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Dusk Botanical Perfume Mist

Our functional fragrances are crafted to elevate your senses and enhance your mood, helping you stay centered no matter what life throws your way.

These natural aromatherapy perfumes are a more luxurious and complex version of the original candle scents, blended with organic and pure essential oil and absolutes.

We're surrounded by chemicals on the daily, and our goal was to create a delicate natural-based botanical perfume for people who don't like perfume. No synthetic fragrance ingredients or isolates. No artificial endocrine disruptors. No guilt. 

These fragrances are also vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're supporting a company that cares about our planet.

Dusk: Almost 10 all-natural essential oils and absolutes feature in this all-natural blend. A relaxing cult elixir of organic Geranium Bourbon from Egypt, Patchouli from Indonesia distilled by a Singaporean company, earthy spice, precious heady Bulgarian Rose Damascena absolute and resinous Benzoin. 

Enjoy a clean, natural scent that celebrates the beauty of botanicals.

Each vial of aromatherapy perfume mist is hand blended in small batches and is:

  • 10ml each in volume
  • Scented with over 10 pure essential oils, precious absolutes and botanicals
  • Blended in a base of ecocert certified organic perfumer's alcohol 
  • Contained in a luxurious glass vial with gold accents. 

Available in single vials, or enjoy two vials at a special rate. 

 Directions: Mist generously, inhale deeply and repeat as frequently as needed. 

*there may be some cloudiness or sediment in the perfume due to the natural plant ingredients. 

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