Floral Reed Diffusers (Limited Edition)
Floral Reed Diffusers (Limited Edition)
Floral Reed Diffusers (Limited Edition)
Floral Reed Diffusers (Limited Edition)

Floral Reed Diffusers (Limited Edition)

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A limited series release for Mother's Day 2021, these floral reed diffusers are a timeless and fuss-free way to diffuse our signature natural scents. 

Blended entirely in-house, we've been obsessing about getting this product ready to launch. Many brands outsource the production of their reed diffusers to third party manufacturers, but we've chosen to produce these in our studio to maintain the integrity of the product.

A large amount of pure essential oils and aromatic raw materials go into each of these diffusers, for that signature scent effect you get with our other products. We blend them with the greatest intention, for both scent and psyche. 

You have the option of selecting either a lighter or darker shade of florals for the diffuser. 

Here are the details-

  • 150ml in volume
  • Blended with pure essential oils and natural aromas
  • Comes with a set of 10 black fibre reed diffuser sticks
  • Contains dried and preserved florals

These diffusers come packaged in our standard packaging without a gift box. If this is intended as a gift, please select the option for a gift box and complimentary gift card. 

Note: This limited edition reed diffuser includes preserved florals as a decor element. The floral dyes may colour the reed diffuser liquid and is normal. Due to the usage of natural essential oils in this product, the base liquid may have a coloured tinge. This is also normal. As an estimation, this 150ml scent diffuser should last up to 2 months.

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