Discovery (Bestsellers) - Candle Gift Set


We've upgraded the size of each candle in our Discovery set from 2oz // 60gm to 2.7oz // 80gm but the price will remain the same until 31st December 2022. That's a 33% increase in volume per candle. 

Each 2.7oz candle burns for up to 15 hours.

Total burn time with this set of 5 candles is up to 75 hours. 

Our Bestsellers Candle Discovery set consists of 5 x 2oz Mini Candles of our five bestselling botanical scents, packaged in a LIGHT gift box. This makes a perfect gift for a friend who is just discovering our range, or a self-care gift. 

Dawn - Lavender / Citrus / Mint

Dusk - Geranium / Patchouli / Spices 

Bouquet - Cashmere / Floral / Moss 

Noon - Lemon Myrtle / Lavender / Peach

Evenlight - Cedar / Fir / Moss

Each 2oz soy wax candle burns for approximately 10-12 hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: This set comes with a complimentary gift box and greeting card. 

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