Dusk Botanical Perfume

Dusk Botanical Perfume

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The perfumes are an enhanced and more complex version of the original candle scents, blended with organic and pure essential oil, absolutes and botanical fragrance accords. 

Dusk: An all-natural earthy, relaxing blend of organic Geranium Bourbon from Egypt, Patchouli and Spices, with notes of Rose Damascena and a kiss of Citrus. 

These petite botanical perfume roll-ons contain a base of organic Jojoba and Coconut oils, and are perfect for toting around even in the smallest of clutches. Each vial is hand blended in small batches and is:

  • 4ml each in volume
  • Scented with pure essential oils and botanicals
  • Blended in organic Jojoba and fractionated Coconut oils
  • Contained in glass with a metal rollerball applicator and a gold accented cap


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