Mini Candle - Set of 3


Meet our 2oz candles, they are perfect for sampling our scent range, while packing a mighty scent punch! They are also perfect to pop into your suitcase for a staycation or a weekend away.

Mix and match to customize this set of 3, with your choice of our bestselling COL signature scents.

Dawn - Lavender / Citrus / Mint

Dusk - Geranium / Patchouli / Spices 

Bouquet - Cashmere / Floral / Moss 

Noon - Lemon Myrtle / Lavender / Peach

Evenlight - Cedar / Fir / Moss

Each 2oz soy wax candle burns for approximately 10 hours.

*Please note that this set does not come in a gift box. If you would like to add gift packaging on, please select the option below.

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