Scent Range

Our core botanical scent range is inspired by the different times of day, and is created to evoke joy, inspiration and relaxation. We carefully blend each of our scented elixirs by hand in small batches, using only the finest natural and organic raw materials. 


A fresh, green floral, Daylight is akin to sipping on an icy tumbler of gin and tonic on a warm, humid day. Pure rose damascena from Morocco is lifted with leafy, cucumbery violet leaf, enhanced with delicate neroli, and a gentle kiss of lavender.


A soul balancing elixir, Dawn brings a soft start to a new day. Calming notes of lavender brings inner peace, while bright notes of mint and citrus awaken and rejuvenate. Light, breathe and conquer. 


Inspired by breezy sun-filled forest walks, fresh uplifting tones of spearmint segue into sweet juicy citrus, before rounding off with herbaceous sage and woody cedar notes. 


A cult favourite, Dusk is an intoxicating aromatic blend of geranium, earthy patchouli and a touch of warming spice. Dusk was created for winding down in the evenings, with a bath and a giant glass of wine. Optional-- the company of your favourite person.


Not your average opulent jasmine scent, Midnight takes its inspiration from the white blooms at midnight, when their scent is at its peak. Lush, fruity, white jasmine sambac is tempered with moody, earthy notes of vetiver and smoke, creating a dark, peaty scent that's equal parts intoxicating as it is intriguing. 



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