Who We Are

A message from Daphne, Founder

Archimedes, the Greek Philosopher first said that the shortest path between two points is a straight line. For me, the journey here so far has been anything but. From employee to entrepreneur, daughter to wife and recent mother, scent has played a big part in keeping me sane. 

Some years back, I left a stable job of 8 years to travel and study perfume. There was no plan, all I knew was that scents made sense. Nothing comforted me more than sitting in my room with a box filled with tiny vials of raw materials, opening and smelling each like a familiar friend. It made me feel alive again, it made me feel like I was in a state of flow and it made me feel light. I had exited a heavy year, and the notion of Light and Lightness started popping up everywhere. Being able to bring and gift Light to others.

This is my hope. I wish with all my heart that our range of carefully created home scents bring comfort and light to you, and to those you love.