What We Believe

Our Mantra

Every business has its guiding principles leading to that big hairy audacious goal of what it hopes to achieve. For us, these are what gives us that extra purpose in the studio. 

  • Does it bring Light? 

Does it bring Light, does it shine a light on an underserved space, is it intentional

  • How do we give back?

Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean. - Ryonosuke Satoro

When you purchase a Candles of Light product, you're not just buying a candle, or a room mist. You're supporting a small, woman-owned business, a mom with a big dream, who is able to hire other women with your purchase. It is an eco-system.

We work with Singaporean businesses and regional artisans, as well as small producers from across the world. Your purchase helps to fund their businesses too. On our part, we are conscious on how to give back whenever we can. We wouldn't exist without the kindness of the people around us, and we're thrilled to be able to pay it forward. For example, a portion of proceeds from our WFH candle range are funneled into supporting Second Meal, a Singaporean initiative to provide meals for those in need. 

  • Does it work? 

While this may seem self-explanatory, we take great pride in creating our products. We want you to feel like the best version of yourself when you use any of our products, and for them to look good perched on your shelf, in your bathroom or in the car. 


What's Inside

A common feedback with get with our customers is that our candles smell so different, or they get whiffs of the aroma before they even crack open the shipping box.


Our Raw Materials

When you start with really good raw materials, the quality shines through. 

We use pure non-GMO soy wax from a supplier based in the UK. Yes, there are other more affordable sources around, but we choose to maintain our quality and affinity with the environment. More importantly, our supplier is able to trace the origin and ethical provenance of their soy crops. 

In alignment with nature, the elements that form the scent composition of our candles and home scents are sourced and produced responsibly. 

Our Process

Our scents, candles and reed diffusers are blended and poured in our studio in Singapore. We believe it makes all the difference. While other brands may purchase ready made perfumes from fragrance houses (ever wondered why some candles smell the same?), or work with mass manufactured/OEM candles, we experiment and blend all of ours by hand. This allows us the freedom to create our signature unique scents that lift your spirits. Having production in-house also allows us to maintain the quality and consistency of our scent range.