Dusk Terrazzo Gemstone Tealight

Our gorgeous limited edition terrazzo tealights are specially designed for Candles of Light, handmade in small batches by regional artisans and come with a soft, matte finish.

We've updated these popular tealights with the addition of beautiful gemstone accents.

  • Rose Quartz (pink) - Universal Love, emotional harmony
  • Aventurine (green) - Luck, heart chakra
  • Amethyst (purple) - Healing, protection, purification of the mind

A handpoured all natural soy wax candle in our proprietary botanical scent blend, featuring essential oils of floral geranium, earthy patchouli and spice. 

A cult favourite, Dusk was created for winding down in the evenings, with a bath and a giant glass of wine. 

Our candles are:

• 3oz in volume
• 100% natural soy wax blend
• Scented with pure essential oils and natural botanicals
• Burns for up to 15 hours
• The candles are non-toxic, and do not contain any dyes, parabens, paraffin or phthalates.

We love to give these beautiful terrazzo jars a second life, and we do refills a few times a year! Look out on our social media @candlesoflight or join our mailing list for updates on when our refill sessions happen.

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