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Oopsies! Aura Holo Candles

While TeamCOL was working hard in our studio to get orders out, we accidentally wicked and poured a whole bunch of our Aura Candles with the wrong wick! This means that this batch of candles might not burn as intended. :(

These candles are perfect for using with a candle warmer or lamp, or you can also try using the aluminium foil technique to achieve an even burn! The soy wax poured is still rich in our COL scent that will fill your space with good smells, and good vibes.

Our Aura Holo Candle Jars can be reused as plant pots, pen holders, makeup brush stands, or refilled during our refill sessions that happen a few times a year.

These boo-boo candles will come with a mark at the bottom of the jar, to indicate that they are defective and cannot be returned.

Thank you for helping us give these boo-boos a loving home, where they can fulfill their purpose of bringing Light to their owner! <3

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